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  At 13 Owen Davey made an impact on the internet when he uploaded his first multi-instrumental cover. He tackled Metallica's classic instrumental, Orion, from Master of Puppets. He played every instrument and every part, layering all the harmonies. It was picked up by online guitar and metal magazines all over the world and racked up serious views on facebook and Youtube. He followed up with Rush YYZ and then back to the Master of Puppets album covering the title track. MOP has been viewed more than 34 million times on facebook between posts from UK based Music Crowns, fan pages for Metallica's Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield and Owens's own page... and continues to climb.  Mid October 2017 Ibanez Guitars offered Owen an endorsement deal making him the youngest endorsee in the history of the company (2017) He learned on an Ibanez guitar and found their basses the easiest to play because of their smaller neck.  A Tama drums endorsement followed and he has the support of numerous companies like Sabian cymbals, Charterhouse Studios, London Guitars, The PAshop and Earthworks microphones.

  Owen will continue to explore his favourite musician's techniques while honing is own skills and developing his sound and style. He is drawing inspiration from musicians like Dream Theater, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Paul Gilbert, Stevie Wonder, Tool, Rage against the Machine, Megadeth and many more from a diverse collection of genres, both classic and new.

 He plans on releasing originals in the new future.

 Please subscribe to Owen's Youtube, Facebook or other social media to watch the development of this young talent and see how this story unfolds.


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